The Cocktails

Rum Fruit Punch $10
A refreshing bite of summer past. Rum with cranberry juice a splash of orange juice and pineapple
Pimms #1 Cup $11
Muddled cucumber, strawberry and fresh mint with Pimms, Tanqueray gin and topped with ginger ale
Fig Citrine $12
This savoury seasonal infusion vodka serves up a real treat when mixed with St.Germain and grapefruit juice
Pink Ranger $11
Tickles every taste bud on the tongue, coconut vodka with a dash of peach schnapps and add cranberry and pineapple juice
Island Oasis $11
This full fruit flavoured cocktail, muddled strawberries with coconut vodka, mango vodka add sour mix and orange juice
Blackberry Fusion $11
Bitter sweet all at the same time, Kettle one with muddled limes, sugar and blackberry cordial splash lime juice served over ice