Subs & Sandwiches! Here are some great restaurants!

Do you enjoy sandwiches and subs? If so, you don’t have to worry about not having access to some of the greatest foods because there are many fantastic sandwich chains all throughout the United States. 

Check out some of the top sandwich chains in America below whether you’re seeking for one or already have a favorite but want to consider additional possibilities. 

They all provide a selection of savory bread alternatives and sandwich ingredients.

Top 5 Restaurants famous for Subs & Sandwiches

  • Potbelly
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Culver’s
  • Subway Sub Of The Day
  • Quizno’s


A number of hot sandwiches are offered by the well-known American casual restaurant chain Potbelly, which also serves soup, shakes, smoothies, potato chips, and cookies. The signature sandwich at Potbelly is a Wreck. 

The other famous sandwiches at Potbelly are given below:

  • Italian
  • Avo Turkey
  • Chicken Club
  • Steakhouse Beef
  • Veggie Melt
  • Pizza Melt
  • Mediterranean Melt
  • BLTA
  • Turkey Breast
  • Smoked Ham
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Tuna Salad

Firehouse Subs

American restaurant chain Firehouse Subs has a passion for substantial, flavourful sandwiches. They are best known for their Build Your Own Subs and Hot Specialty Subs. 

The quality meats and cheeses they use have a special steaming procedure that brings out their tastes. 

People frequently return to restaurants that serve their sub sandwiches when they are served in settings with real firefighter-themed decor.

The famous Subs & Sandwich menu at Firehouse Subs consists of

  • Daily Medium Sub Special
  • Spicy Cajun Chicken
  • Firehouse Meatball
  • Italian
  • Turkey Bacon Ranch
  • Hook & Ladder
  • Sweet & Spicy Meatball
  • Premium Roast Beef
  • Corned Beef Brisket
  • Tuna Salad
  • Small Subs
  • Veggie

Visit this page for firehouse subs menu 


The Butterburgers are Culver’s most famous hamburgers. Everything at Culver’s is extremely appetizing, especially their burgers and sandwiches, in terms of appearance, aroma, and flavor. 

All of their burgers are thin and have an unmatched buttery flavor and moistness for a burger joint. Culver’s famous burger & sandwich menu includes the following:

  • The Culver’s Deluxe
  • The Culver’s Bacon Deluxe
  • Butterburger Cheese
  • Butterburger
  • Mushroom & Swiss
  • Sourdough Melt
  • Wisconsin Swiss Melt
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Harvest Veggie Burger
  • And more

The list goes on as there are a variety of subs & sandwiches available at Culver’s.

Click here for culvers menu

Subway Sub Of The Day

The Subway is one of the most well-known fast food restaurants in the United States, and unlike other restaurants, they don’t focus on a broad range of cuisines. 

In reality, Subway exclusively prepares what are known as “Subs,” and salads and wraps are about the only other foods they provide. They set themselves apart with their footlong subs. 

Some of their famous subs to mention are:

  • Black Forest Ham
  • Cold out Combo
  • Oven Roasted Turkey
  • Steak & Cheese
  • Veggie Delite
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Italian B.M.T
  • Rotisserie-style Chicken
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • All American Club
  • Chicken & Bacon ranch
  • Meatball Marinara


Quizno’s is an American franchised fast-food restaurant based in Denver, Colorado, that specializes in offering toasted submarine sandwiches. 

All their high quality sandwiches are groundbreaking symbols of innovation. Quizno’s offers Classic subs, Chicken Subs, and Steak Subs apart from their salads, sammies, and kids meals.

Below are the Quizno’s subs on which you can really get a great deal! 

  • Classic Italian
  • Turkey Ranch Swiss
  • Baja Chicken
  • Ultimate Turkey Club
  • Spicy Monterey
  • Honey Bacon Club